RCVS UK registration European Veterinary Surgeons

RCVS UK registration European Veterinary Surgeons

To be eligible to work as a Veterinary Surgeon in the UK and follow the EU registration path, you must be a European Union national, or European Union Rights Entitled Person (previously known as Community Rights Entitled Person), of an EU member state and hold a recognised EU veterinary qualification.

 Registration process for EU graduates

  1. You should contact the RCVS at least 2 months before starting work in the UK.
  2. You must submit all the requested documents before your RCVS appointment
  3. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons will not process your registration application unless they have received all the relevant documentation.
  4. The RCVS will confirm your registration appointment within 15 working days  of receiving all the documentation listed below. ( The RCVS offices are currently closed and the RCVS registration appointments will be carried out via video, for the time being, to help with social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic)

Documents you need to send to the RCVS– You will need to send the following documents:

  1. Completed Initial Enquiry form for EU graduates. You can find the form by clicking the link
  2. A photocopy of your Passport (page with your picture and outside front cover) or your EU Identity card. In case you are an European Union Rights Entitled Person (EUREP) you must send evidence to confirm
  3. Eu Veterinary qualification issued by the university in its original language, and also a certified English translation if document is not provided in English.
  4. Payment in full of the initial registration fee
  5. A letter or certificate of good standing (evidence of your good character) issued by your local competent authority. Document has to be issued within the last 3 months

There are registration links for Veterinary Surgeons from different European Union countries who are registering for the first time.

Please see below the RCVS links:

Registration link for Portuguese Veterinary Surgeons qualified in Portugal

Registration link for Spanish Veterinary Surgeons qualified in Spain

Registration link for Italian Veterinary Surgeons qualified in Italy

Registration link for Romanian Veterinary Surgeons qualified in Romania

Registration link for Polish Veterinary Surgeons qualified in Poland

You can check here all the other countries registration links

The RCVS will need to have received all your documentation and full payment at least 15 working days in advance of your preferred registration date in order to check and verify them.

The RCVS will not accept certified copies of documents. Failure to supply the original documents will result in you not being able to complete your registration and you will need to attend a second registration appointment.

Registration fee

The registration covers your membership (registration) up to 31 March following the date of your registration and the amount will vary depending on this date.

Fees for veterinary surgeons 2020

1 April 2020 – 30 September 2020£364
1 October 2019 – 31 March 2020£170

Payments will take up to 7 days to clear. Payment will need to have cleared before the RCVS can confirm your registration appointment.

You can pay by the registration fee:·

  • Cheque drawn on a UK bank made payable to the ‘Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
  • Credit card
  • Banker’s draft – payable to the ‘Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’
  • UK postal order – available from UK Post Offices, payable to the ‘Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons’
  • Bank transfer – on request only. Please contact a member of the RCVS Registration Department

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact Synchronised Solution and we will assist you throughout the registration process (free of charge)

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